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The EnviroData Group, LLC (EDG) is a multidisciplinary company that is dedicated to the development of rural and urban areas throughout communities. EDG believes in total committment to its client to enhance the quality of desired outcomes. EDG offers an array of services.
NAICS 541620
Land Planning Services
  • Master Planning & Development
  • Site Evaluation
  • Rendering / Concept Development
  • Zoning Research and Land-use Analysis
  • Community Relations & Outreach
Smart growth is an approach to development that encourages a mix of building types and uses, diverse housing and transportation options, development within existing neighborhoods, and community engagement. Ten (10) principles are considered the foundation of a smart growth approach. -Smart Growth America (2020)
  1. Mix land uses
  2. Take advantage of compact design
  3. Create a range of housing opportunities
  4. Create walkable neighborhoods
  5. Foster distinctive & attractive communities 
  6. Preserve open space and critical environmental areas
  7. Direct development towards existing communities
  8. Provide a variety of transportation choices
  9. Make development decisions cost effective
10. Encourage community & stakeholder collaboration
Construction Services
  • BMP Inspection and Compliance Certification
  • NPDES Notice of Intent (Individual Lot) Preparation
  • Project Management (small and large projects)
  • Contract Administration
  • Permitting
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Earthwork Analysis
Construction cost accounts for 60% of the overall ARV (actual retail value) of a construction project according the NAHB. For the ever budget-conscious developer, minimizing unnecessary spending on what may be the largest part of your real estate investment from ill-informed decisions becomes essential when developing a successful property.
Construction administration services provided by EDG can help you navigate construction effectively so that when changes and inspection issues occur, spending during construction remains manageable.
The architect of record already knows the design and has the ability to produce construction sketches to your contractor and inspector throughout the process to adjust details. Utilizing this service can avoid costly changes to the original design and help simply construction for the contractor, thus directly resulting in cost savings for you.
GIS / Mapping Services
  • Aerial Photography
  • Drone Surveying; from ALTA Surveys to Basic Elevations
  • Construction Marketing & Hyper-lapses (using 3D models)
  • Structure and Land 3D Modeling
  • Cut / Fill Measurements / Stockpile Assessments
EDG uses GIS to build data models that includes geographic layers (such as soils, geology, and vegetation), built layers (such as land use, buildings, highways, and infrastructure), and social layers (such as social data and code requirements). Linking BIM and GIS will enable designers to design in context of the site’s geographic information. 
GIS data has become available as a service within existing designer workflows. Designers are able to subscribe to or access GIS information layers within software such as Autodesk’s Revit. 
Drones provide construction teams with an overhead view of jobsites, materials, machinery and people. Contractors are using the autonomous flying machines to record images and videos that help optimize everything from grading plans and operations to identifying differences between as-designed and as-built site plans. Their usefulness can be enhanced with thermal cameras and other add-ons like mapping tools and GPS units. 
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